How strongby Delos, 2014

“Open this fucking door, DAMMED!” the reptile growled furious, anger robbed him the last quantum of his mind and with all the power the dinosaur had left, he bumped against the wiry door of his cell.

Useless. Yetshi felt the crackle in his shoulder, the sudden pain that rushed like an enormous wave through his body and his frustrated growl resonated in the jail he was imprisoned, meanwhile the dulling sound of metal reverberated into the room, last testimony of his purpose to escape. The growshi recognized that all energy he used to break the door was useless, not a single attack against the door showed a sign of success that it would beak. He closed his eyes and breathed one time long, deep, forced himself to calm down, yes and somehow, the sanity prevailed.

“Let's see if I'm able to distinguish this powerful metal. Maybe there is an answer to break through it.” and the objective reflection about this awkward situation, helped the yoshisaur to vent all his ideas to another, more useful escape out of the jail, because brutal wasn't worthy at all.

So Yetshi stepped again in front of the door, touched grids of it carefully, assayed their assembly and soon the growshi seemed to understand, that he knew the metal at least. This black color, it's ruggedness. The bounty-hunter was aware of the only one material that was strong enough to resist his growshi powers.

“Niob.” he disgorged the word, cursed it's subsistence.

Exhausted, Yetshi walked with tiredly steps back to the hard pallet that was at the same time the only convenience his keeper allowed. Everything else that could make his situation more comfortable was refused. No window that allowed the yoshi a glimpse out of his jail, even a toilet was scarce commodity. Just four walls made out of black stone, his pallet and a single thin light on the ceiling was all what was left for Yetshi McTaylis.

He moved his six feet and five inches tall body onto the small cot, didn’t find a position that was snug enough for a regenerating sleep. Slowly Yetshi had the feeling that Krohber arranged every single detail in the jail in a way, that made it impossible for the soldier to scoop new hope.

“Such an asshole.” thought Yetshi gloomy and clenched with his sharp, white teeth.

Yes, Krohber was the reason that he was now a prisoner. This stupid, anthropomorphic crocodile, green-scaled and skinny grown, surprised Yetshi on an important mission, attacked him together with the members of his stupid crew of space pirates.

Yetshi remembered himself on everything what happened…

He was suddenly surrounded from all sites from criminals, saw how they held their weapons higher, directed to his heart. It was so embarrassing that he got trapped by such foolish maggots. Amused laughter’s shook the air and Yetshi felt a tensing of all his muscles, knowing that one wrong word could be his end. Even with his growshi or electricity powers, the guns would be faster.

"It seems that you was a bit careless, no Yetshi or should I say Statyk?" laughed a deep rumbling, very familar voice suddenly and with a sigh the growshi got the trusted silouhette, that appeard between the other criminals.

“You Krohber? I didn’t know that you have such a desire to meet the person who will execute you.” welcomed the bounty hunter one of his most nerving objectives he had to eliminate, the reptiles voice sounded snippy, not filled with fear like Krohber hoped for.

Yetshi saw how the big grin melted away like molten butter.

“You're using bravery words as a reptile who's life lay's in my hand-paws now. You should have more respect, you know?” commanded Krohber aggressive, one of his eyelids jerked nervously and a vein pulsated on his brow, Yetshi felt with amusement that the anger of his enemy was nearly impossible to restrain.

“See Krohber, respect is something what someone must deserve. You and your bunch of loons are more like an attraction in a circus as a real threat.” teased the yoshi the foolish crocodile even more and was honored with a furious roaring, Krohber began to flipping out.

“SHUT UP YOU ASSHOLE! YOUR MINE NOW AND I CAN DO EVERYTHING I WANT!” raged Krohber, his screams filled the air, totally unrestrained and Yetshi got the doubts in their eyes.

Everything worked like he planned. A few more useful words and Krohber would do a big mistake. It was Yetshi's chance to survive this sudden trap and the only one to plan his escape in a nearly future.

“When you can do everything so show it to me. You're just too stupid, nothing more. Not able to take a lonely bounty hunter as hostage to demand ransom from the agency.” said Yetshi and did relaxed, as he would fear nothing.

In real, all his hopes were focused for his own trap he had lay a few seconds ago, that Krohber would bite into the wonderful tasting meat. The seconds faded away, the growshis glimpse was only guilty to the suddenly silent crocodile, that's hatefully appearance became darker and darker.

Krohber came closer, closer as Yetshi wanted and as his enemy stood in front of him, the growshi could smell the crocodiles disgusting breath. They looked in each others eyes and the yoshi smiled scornful.

“You think am too stupid, heh? I will show you how stupid you are to give me the key for a life in wealth. Thanks to your information’s, you're work-givers will pay me a lot. To kill you isn't worthy as this.” hissed Krohber and enjoyed his brilliant victory.

Yetshi was busy to fight against the sudden needing to laugh loudly, bite on his lips and tasted blood in his maw. How dump could a scalie be?

His answer came in form of capture guns, their bullets they penetrated his body suddenly. Darkness followed.

The growshi found himself back sitting on the cot, the knowledge that his plan had worked spent him no pleasure since he recognized that the door was unbreakable. His short trip back in the past showed Yetshi only, that he maneuvered himself from one hopeless situation in the next. No escape, no way out of this dammed jail. Maybe he had underrated Krohber a bit too much.

“How long does it take until he will figure out that the agency don't pay for an imprisoned bounty hunter?” and Yetshi cached himself by this dark thought.

It was sadly but true. The agency Yetshi worked for didn’t pay for an imprisoned bounty hunter. If they loosed a soldier, it was the current method to give him up, because any form of negotiation with criminals would weak the agency’s position, something unacceptable. Every bounty hunter knew that, so Yetshi. His lie was only a protection based upon time. When Krohber would realize that the agency would pay him nothing, the growshis life would end, even…

"Moment. How dump am I?" thought the dinosaur shocked and jumped up from his pallet, cursing himself as a silly yoshi.

The answer to his escape out from his cell lay the whole time in his hand-paws! Even though when the door wasn't willing to get damaged, it doesn’t mean the same for the walls. Fulfilled with new hope, Yetshi vetted the cold stone of his cell, recognized them as common. So they could break with enough strength of course.

“You did your biggest mistake as you captured me Krohber! You were right: I'm not a common yoshi called Yetshi! I'm also Statyk the bounty hunter and you've forgot that I have some special abilities, idiot.” crowed the reptile with a big grin and positioned himself in the middle of his cell.

Yetshi examined the wall with a long, intensive glimpse, asked himself how much power could be necessary to destroy it. At the end he came to the resolution that a simple increase in purchasing power was enough. He breathed determined and closed his eyes, air began to fill his lung, their volume grew up as more oxygen Yetshi absorbed from his nearly surrounding. He welcomed the familiar rush of blood through his veins with pleased anticipation, a sudden tension followed into all his muscles, his special growshi ability began to work.

The reptiles body tingled and his muscle mass began to swell up. His white scaled pecs tripled in size, followed by the abs with the same growing speed. Green-scaled arms and legs followed closer as he could recognize, tripled in size too. As he opened his eyes again, the dinosaur was once again impressed about the result of his awesome power.

His black undershirt was stretched to it's breaking point, even his brown jeans had to fight against the surprising mass of muscles. Pecs and abs were obvious emphasized now. Yetshi crackled with his fists and grinned.

“Let's see if this is enough.” he said resolute and rammed the wall with all the power the process granted him, used his shoulder as focus to release all the strength that he owned.

Nothing happened. With a frustrated growl, the yoshi jumped back and held his shoulder, rubbed over it to alleviate the pain. The wall stood still there, got nothing, not even a simple rip.
Yetshi realized that his powers weren't enough. He had to use his ability again. Again he closed his eyes.

“Let's see what will happen NOW!” the reptile roared angrily, inhaled again air, deeper as ever before, felt how his body began to tremble this time.

Muscles exploded out of his body as it would come no tomorrow. Yetshi's draconian roar shook the cell, his body shivered, sweat-drops covered his scales slowly as he focused all his powers now into his legs and feet-paws. The result was more than amazing: The reptiles legs looked now like two strong small logs, his beloved feet-paws became four times bigger. And that was not all: With a soft blushing the yoshi saw, how his undershirt and his jeans ripped finally off.

“I don't care. Now my paws will speak instead of the shoulders. They must be able to break this dammed wall!” he growled jolly, his sensitive paws felt every vibration on the ground, ready to spent Yetshi all joy he needed.

He tried it again, rammed his swollen paws against the wall, as the cold stone touched it, better to say as the sudden pressure shook the yoshis sole, specially the arch, a pleased roaring resonated in the whole cell. Yetshi's tongue hang out of his maw, his eyes were closed again, a feeling after heaven began to fill him.

The result was meanwhile anything but useful. As the bounty hunter could think clearly again, he saw confused that the black wall got nothing more as a few rips, seemed to grinning about his tries to break it. Nothing was left from the warm pleasure he felt a few seconds ago, no it made place for waves of new frustration.

You annoying bitch.” Statyk thought angry, but instead to give up, his will grew up like his muscles, the wanting to escape this prison was higher than any misery.

A third time the yoshi breathed, filling his lungs with air and this time he didn’t stop so fast like the two times before. His body trembled like a small earthquake, Yetshi roared all tension out of himself, his muscles swelled up again, accompanied by surprising staggering of his height too, because this time, the growshi focused his powers consistent all over his body.

The reptile grew up and up, seven feet, eight feet, nine feet, his muscles doubled, tripled in size, showing slowly veins and tensed up. But Yetshi didn't stop, he wanted more! More and more air got absorbed and as more he absorbed as more he grew up. He was willing to reach the limit of his powers, even though when he knew the result.

“Grow body, GROW!” he screamed, new tremors flooded him and his wish became obeyed.

Everything happened in one, big rush: Yetshi's muscles reached their limit, the yoshis roar was to hear in the whole jail, but before someone was able to stop the growing behemoth, it's head bumped against the ceiling, his hand-paws pressured against it too, until the feet-paws did the same to the walls.
Crackles rushed through the stone.

“Come ON!” bellowed the giant, felt he was near to his growth-limit and at least, his command got followed.

Yetshi McTaylis alias Statyk the bounty hunter exploded out of the jail under a final, colossal roaring and feared likewise shocked yells of his enemy resonated in the air, music for the reptiles ears who welcomed the warm sunlight with another pleased growl.

“HOW STRONG!” he could hear Krohbers voice screaming, fulfilled with pure panic and Yetshi smiled sardonic. At the end he escaped and again the crocodiles evil plans failed.

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