PowerUP, now for humans!

PowerUP, now for humans!

Today was a fascinating day for PowerUP labs. Today was the day they were going to start their human advertisements. The executives realized that appealing to an entire species would add to their sales and humans seemed to be a good choice.
They already had some human PowerUP consumers however they could have much more. Having a human drink it in an advertisement would appeal to them more. They had already found a suitable person to be in the advertisement. Of course, it would also include Statyk, their mascot. Speaking of Statyk, he was currently in a waiting room for product testing. The product in question was a new version of their pumps. All of their current commercial ones were air pumps and they wanted to expand into the field of liquid pumps. Of course, after the design phase, they wanted Statyk to test it. While he was waiting, the silence in the waiting room was interrupted by a little buzz on his watch, he took a look at it and had a notification.

"Statyk, please can you come to the product testing chamber, we have the human to test it on!"

Statyk forgot about this! He went over to the desk with the receptionist and explained to her how he couldn't test the product today, she gave him a little nod and noted it down on her computer, Statyk was fiercely respected at PowerUP labs so people were alright with him changing his appointments. After this was negotiated, he walked down the white halls humming a song in his head. It was quite a regular day at PowerUP labs so there was nothing to note, apart from the human
experiments of course. The walk only took a bit as the chamber was just down the hallway. Once he got there he turned the corner and saw some of the production crew there, namely the cameraman. It was a rhino wearing a PowerUP shirt, might have been one of the new employees. he started to give the breakdown.

"Alright, in the chamber we have a human called Mylan, he seems very eager to do this, I think we could maybe add a bit more PowerUP than usual. I did some research earlier and it seems that humans enjoy overly big things, so maybe we could apply to that desire of theirs? So for the advertisement, I think Mylan should be reading a magazine on the sofa, and imagining that he was bigger. After hearing this Statyk comes over and offers a large can of PowerUP to him, causing Mylan to grow to a large size!"

Statyk nodded, he did enjoy the sound of this idea, and he grew a devilish grin on his face as he had an idea for the size that he wanted Mylan to be, he was planning on giving him 4 cans of PowerUP . He would put it in one of their muscle mugs so it would be easy for Mylan to drink. After shaking the hand of the producer, he opened the door into the bright room! He saw the human in the middle of the room. seemed to be giddy and excited, talking to some of the producers. He was around 6ft tall and had a normal-sized body. He was wearing what looked like a pink sweater and some tracksuit bottoms. He turned to Statyk and smiled upon seeing him, jumping up and down in excitement.

"Hello! You are Statyk right?"

Statyk had a large grin on his face as he walked up to Mylan. That little human seemed cute to him, being so excited to be part of the advert. Statyk nodded as he went up to Mylan to answer his question. The human was still excited, but less jumpy. He then felt a tap on the shoulder, one of the producers wanted to give him the script, along with a copy to give to Mylan. Statyk held them and passed one down to Mylan, who excitedly started to read it. If his happy expression was anything to go by, he was more than happy to carry out the role! He had a lot of questions that he started bringing up. He said them quite fast, so the producer wanted to explain the idea in depth to him.

"Alright Mylan, you will be sitting on the bench with this muscle magazine, and you'll be looking at it with a happy expression. In the editing process, there will be a thought bubble above your head, wishing that you were like that. After this, Statyk comes into the scene with a mug of PowerUP and passes it to him, claiming he has just the thing to help. You then are going to grab the PowerUP and drink it all! Within the next few minutes, your muscles will grow to an incredible size! In the advertisement, we will make it seem like it was quite a short time, and we will add some electrical effects. Now a side effect of PowerUP is that people want to hug you, so we have some of our staff here that will come up and hug you."

Throughout all this Mylan was excited, the muscle growth part along with the hugging part made his soft little face go completely red. This made Statyk a bit concerned that he was going to opt out, However, Mylan quickly confirmed that he would still love to do this. They also let him know that afterward they would give him some PowerDown to return to his normal size! However, they did say he would have to go home first, as the side effects cause the consumer to become quite drowsy.
After this, Mylan was shown the people he would hug, it was a nice mix of people, a short fox lady, a snake that worked in the accounting area, and a goat dude who mainly helped with the advertisements. Mylan was extremely excited! However he wondered how much of this was recorded, so he gave the rhino a question.

"Hey, sir? Uhmm, what are you going to use from this? Is it just the video?"

The rhino shook his head.

"We will be airing the advert, alongside images of you on our website. We will take pictures of your abs, your biceps, legs, and chest!"

Mylan nodded, his whole face was red, he tried to cover his face with his sleeves.

"O-O-ok O-k!"

Statyk smiled, wrapping his arm around Mylan's shoulder. He was still red as he felt that hot mass of muscles around him. The two could have a bit of a conversation now, mainly because the crew was still setting up. They had all the people here and just had to set up the bench and the green-screen. Statyk put his hands in Mylans hair and let out a little chuckle, he was surprised at just how soft that hair was, it was lovely, he brushed it around a bit with his fingers, smiling a nice cheeky grin. Mylan looked up at him

"D-do you like it? Hehe."

Statyk nodded.

"It's so soft! I think you are a perfect fit for this advert honestly, you seem very excited about it. I might even give you a nice hug later too after this, I'm usually the huge mass of muscles that people worship and hug here heh. Say, just to warn you, your clothes are gonna be ripped out when your muscles grow, so I hope you got a spare pair at home."

Mylan nodded, he had quite a few pairs of the set. He would usually wear them as they were quite comfortable and casual, Statyk didn't mind them, it was quite cute honestly. Which matched the rest of how Mylan looked. He still had his hand in Mylan's hair while waiting, and then the rhino gave the two a signal! They were all ready for the ad. Mylan was shy and took a deep breath, ready for this advert, he went over and got into position on the bench. He picked up the magazine and had a little read of it. This made his cheeks quite pink as he liked all the pictures it had! Statyk then got the mug. It was in the shape of a bicep, he was meant to pour 2 cans inside, however, he wanted Mylan to be really big to appeal to the humans, so he added in an extra 2 cans. The only other person who knew about this was the rhino, so it would surely be a surprise to all the producers, he could already imagine them all fighting off the urge to hug him. He then signaled to the Crew that he was ready. Everyone made sure the equipment was on and focusing on Mylan, as he went back to the start of the magazine, The rhino started the filming with a bold countdown.

"Three, Two, One, action!"

Mylan did as he was instructed, flipping through the pages of the magazine, making sure he looked as interested as possible. The director was pleased as when he looked at one of the pictures he grew a pink blush on his face, This was a very easy place to put the thought bubble they mentioned. He saw the signal from the director so he looked up. He did this for around 10 seconds so the words could fully be read in the advertisement. After this, the rhino gave the signal to Statyk.
Which prompted him to come over to Mylan, with the big mug of PowerUP in his hands. He looked at Mylan and extended his arm out, offering the mug.

"I have just what you need-"

Mylan smiled, taking the mug off his hands. He quickly started to drink it, downing the entire mug within a few seconds, which honestly surprised Statyk smiled as Mylan put the drink beside him. He was told to promote the flavour as well, so he licked his lips.

"That tasted incredible and.. I can already feel it happening!"

As he sat there, he could feel his muscles grow inside him! Firstly he had a shock! From the top of his body to the bottom, this made him shiver quite a bit in response, which did make a silly noise that they would cut out in the commercial, however like shocks usually are, this only lasted for a second or so. Then the expansion started, he could feel every muscle inside of him expand rapidly! His shoulders started to swell, ripping apart his collar area, followed by his biceps and triceps.
Which in combination with the shoulders, completely ripped the top half of his shirt. His pecs also started to grow, becoming huge and round and protruding out of him. Under those huge assets, he even started to grow extra rows of abs! The first one was already growing and becoming as hard as steel as the rest of his body, the other sets were soon to come. His back muscles grew ridiculously as well, making it look like he had a turtle shell growing on his back! At this point, he had a blush on both of his cheeks. A very bright red blush. At this point, his shirt was just a mess of silk scraps on the floor. For the lower half of his body. It was his legs that got the treatment. His thighs and calves started growing too.
Ripping apart his tracksuit bottoms. Mylan could easily crush stone between his thighs already, and it was only around 20 seconds into the transformation. His feet grew alongside it, ripping his socks apart as they also grew softer. At this point every single muscle in his body was large and bulging. He was getting more powerful by the second. He then got a signal from the rhino to show off his new muscles. The blushing human took note. He flexed his huge biceps while looking at Statyk.

"Thank you, I feel so powerful already-"

At the moment, the transformation was still ongoing, so the director wanted to show off how powerful it made him. So he got Statyk to demonstrate it. Statyk was handed a 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter cube and was told to give it to Mylan to crush.

"Hey, want a demonstration of this power? I've got something for you-"

Mylan smiled, taking this steel cube. He grabbed it in the palm of his right hand and effortlessly crushed it into dust without even putting in effort. He then let his hand out, showing the dust just fall to the ground. While all this was going on, he was nearing the end of his transformation, becoming a walking tank. Wider than a car, and stronger than a giant. He flexed and smiled. Showing off all his new bulging muscles in fashion.

"Now these are muscles!"

After he said this, the director instructed the rest to come up to him for hugs. They all could fit, as there was a lot of mass to touch. They all smiled and blushed as they did so, rubbing and massaging those huge muscles. Some of them went for his 7 rows of abs, some just massaged his legs, and some for his huge biceps. Mylan was instructed to hold this position for a second, and after around 5 seconds had passed.


The production crew gave a loud round of applause to both Mylan and Statyk! This was exactly how they envisioned the commercial to go! The rhino went over to Mylan and Statyk, giving both of them a hug and patting them on the back. They had finished with the filming stage and the rest of it was in the hands of the editors.

"Fantastic work you two! Now we will edit it and have it on the sight by tomorrow! Mylan, come with me, and I'll show you how we are getting you home. As said earlier the PowerDown will make you quite drowsy so we are going to get you home first, we have vehicles made for moving muscle, so once you are ready meet me by the exit and I will assist you in getting home."

The rhino started to walk over to the exit while Statyk came up to Mylan, hugged him, and smiled up at him. This made Mylan blush a bit as he looked down.

"Gotta say I'm pleased with this, you did good!"

Mylan smiles, putting his hand in Statyk's hair and rubbing it, making Statyk let out a chuckle. Considering this is the same thing Mylan did to him earlier, after playing around with his hair for a bit, he took his hand out.

"Well, I enjoyed it here! I think I should get going now, make sure to let me know if PowerUP ever needs a human to test on!"

Statyk smiled, waving off to Mylan as the human went towards the exit. The rhino saw him coming and held the muscle door open for him, the door was made for muscles to get through, so it was very wide and tall. Once Mylan got out, he saw a truck with a large shipping container on the back, the rhino let him know this was the muscle transporting method they had for him. The rhino went back inside after letting Mylan know, mainly because they already had a driver in the car. Mylan smiled, getting into the back of the container as he closed it. Most containers would simply crack open if something this heavy walked inside them. However, The container was reinforced to let muscles inside it. So once Mylan was in, he let the driver know he was ready with a little tap tap on the container! The journey home was pretty uneventful, Mylan was mainly reading some more magazines on his way home, and it wasn't that long of a ride anyway, so the time went pretty fast.
Once he got home, the car stopped and the driver came over and opened the container. He had some PowerDown pills in his hand, alongside some water.

"Alright, give me the house keys and I'll open the door for you, Then I'll help you upstairs and you can have a nice rest!"

Upon looking up, Mylan noticed his driver was a spider, letting him drive the car and do other things at once, mainly thanks to his extra set of arms. Mylan smiled and fumbled around in the pockets of his pants. After all the clothes were ripped they were the only thing he had on, he had pockets on them and looked for his key inside, after finding it, he passed it over to the driver who grabbed it in his upper right arm, before walking over to the door. Mylan was quick to follow, rocking the container a tiny bit before hopping out, he did not want to attract much attention so he went over to his door with haste.

"Alright, here are the PowerDown. Take the pills and have some water if they would make it easier to swallow"

Mylan smiled, he had been handed two pils of PowerDown. He took them alongside a sip of water, and suddenly, he could feel himself shrink! His shoulders, pecs, abs, legs, arms: all the muscles that grew beforehand were now shrinking back into their original state. It was quite relaxing, maybe because it was reducing his weight. However as he returned to his normal size, he stumbled a bit and nearly fell over. The spider managed to stop this from happening by grabbing him before he fell. While the shrinking happened, he managed to open the door

"Hey bud, don't fall asleep yet-"

The spider smiled as the human was nearly asleep already! He was not heavy at all in his normal form so the spider went inside and took him upstairs. After opening the door to his messy room, he went over to the bed and laid Mylan down on it. Even putting the covers over him as the human fell asleep. After this, the spider went back downstairs and out of the house. Locking the door behind him before driving back to the labs. Mylan was fast asleep already, and wouldn't wake up until around 8 AM. After a long sleep, the human got up. Stretching out his arms as he let out a loud yawn. He scratched his hair as he got up, picking up his phone. He wanted to see the commercial! He opened the phone, which was so bright that it made his eyes twitch a bit. While the people at the labs used watches, Mylan just had a regular phone with him, which was a staple thing that humans used. He simply searched "powerUP" into his search engine and found the website, he then saw himself at the top page, with the title "powerUP, now for humans". He seemed a bit excited to watch it, so he clicked play and let it load! He saw himself sitting on a bench in the park and wow… it looked like he was actually there! He then heard Statyk's voice.

"Are you tired of seeing muscles that aren't yours? Wishing you had them?"

After this, Mylan saw himself dream of having muscles, and as he was doing that Statyk came into the frame with the mug!

"Well, I have just what you need!"

Just like he did before, Mylan picked up the mug and started to drink it! Then, it played a little montage of him becoming muscular, with electricity edited in alongside sound effects. The video cut the 2-minute growth process down to a ten-second montage. This was followed by some flexes from Mylan.

"Now these are muscles!"

The video then showed the three people coming up to him and cuddling, the video paused and played that fast voice-over they have at the end of medical commercials.

"WARNING: Side effects may include… Hugs!"

Mylan smiled! This is what he hoped the ad would be like, it already had received a lot of views on the website and was being shown everywhere! This was one of the best choices he had made recently, accepting to be on it! Now, the next thing in line for him? Breakfast!

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